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MAGGI S.p.A. studies, designs and manufacture Resistance Welding Machines (mostly welding presses) following the most advanced technologies known today.
The Technologies adopted are:
Traditional Single Phase Welding, Three Phase frequency converter, Medium Frequency, Capacitor Discharge.  In the new building, Maggi has welding machines for recherché and developments, included a big power Capacitor Discharge Welding Machine (30.000 Joule).
MAGGI S.p.A. is able to find and propose the most suitable solution for different kind of resistance welding problems.

Activities are briefly:
• Study of welding process feasibility.
• Choice of the most suitable technology (traditional Welding Single Phase, Three Phase frequency converter to Medium
   Frequency, Capacitor Discharge…). The Company is very engaged on Capacitor Discharge, a technology that supplies a
   enormous advantages and makes possible of welding materials that can not welded in other way; for example the
   welding of copper tubes straight on steel without added or brazing material (Patent).
• Study and construction experimental equipment (also with costumers financial participation).
• Welding tests execution with own machine.
• Process conclusion.
• Economic offer for the customer.



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